Hello, and welcome to my new home.

My name is Lauren Rudersdorf. I am a Wisconsin CSA vegetable farmer of 10 years obsessed with cooking highly seasonal, simple veggie-centric recipes with local ingredients. I’m also a new momma, a lover of nature, exploration, and wild spaces, and a fierce advocate for local farms, local food, and local businesses. All of that will show up here.

I’m also not actually actively farming this year— for the first time in a decade— for the first time since becoming an adult. And so in this year of big changes, I’ve decided that after seven, YES 7, years writing behind a cute little pseudonym, I’m more than ready to come out from behind the (let’s be honest, growing pretty thin) veil.

That’s me, and Lilly, and we’re thrilled you’re here.

If you’re familiar with my old space, it will look pretty dang similar. There will be recipes, stories, photos of my family, photos from the fields (maybe less our own now and more of others’ operations), travel itineraries, growing tips, wellness brilliance from amazing friends, and (unpaid) local product recommendations and endorsements.

The main difference is that my home on the internet is now also a newsletter that will come straight into your email. And by subscribing, you will never miss a thing.

Also, it’s the first time in my nearly decade of developing recipes for you all and writing about my life, that I’m also allowing you to pay me for doing this work I love so dearly.

Paid subscribers will get some extra perks— like the opportunity to get their questions answered monthly, participate in comment threads, and receive additional bonus recipes.

So be a part of my community, won’t you? It’s going to be fun.